Download the App & Register your WAULT

The WAULT Mobile App is available for Apple and Android.

Multi-Factor Authentication

When you complete this process, you will receive a reward of 50 points, for 50 transactions - uploading or sharing a document.

If you already registered, you already have been rewarded with 50 points and you are ready for the next step!

Upload, Certify, and Share your most important documents.

From birth certificates and immunization records to loan documents and tax returns, the WAULT app safeguards your information and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, without logging into issuers' websites!

Start by clicking on the "Docs in WAULT" number on your dashboard and . . . 

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Upload documents into your personal WAULT to digitize and organize all those documents you don't want to share via email. Better than fax or mail for sensitive documents, WAULT is Safe as a Vault and as Portable as your Wallet. 


Certify that you own your records and they are original - that makes your digitized document better than a piece of paper that anyone can fake.

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Privately Share with a Network Member or a Non-Member. 

  • To protect your privacy when sharing with a Non-Member, the links expires after one time use and the document is watermarked.

  • When sharing with a WAULT Member, you can track and revoke at ant time.

Build your W Score by asking Organizations to join the WAULT Member Network.

  • When WAULT Organization Members issue digitally certified records on the trusted WAULT Network to your WAULT, your W Score goes up.

  • To learn how Organizations benefit from joining the WAULT Member Network click here.