why ORGANIZATIONS join . . .

Most businesses have to authenticate a customer every time they do business, adding friction and hurting your business.

Wouldn't it be better to authenticate once and privately exchange instant verification that individual’s ownership of records is tamper-free?

Simplify Transactions, Lower Liability, and Improve Customer Experience.

The secure WAULT Member Network connects you directly with your customers to privately exchange and verify vital document ownership.

  • Simplify Transactions

Authenticated WAULT Members digitally certify records, package and privately exchange them with you in one packaged folder.

  • Lower Liability

Every transaction is verified and recorded, individuals only share the information you need as long as you need it.

  • Improve Customer experience

Using WAULT streamlines transactions

Lets your customers know your company cares about protecting personal information.

To learn more about how your customers use the WAULT Member Network, click here.


Contact Wymsical, Inc. to learn more about joining the WAULT Member Network: info@wymsical.com